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Skin Pigmentation

Serving Burlington and the GTA

Razor Burns and Pigmentation

Beards and Facial Hair Pigmentation

Pigmentation describes the colour of your skin due to the amount of melanin it contains.

Genetics, skin damage, sun exposure, and hormones can impact your skin pigmentation and

cause it to lighten, darken, or change in colour. 

Men with beards can get pigmentation from shaving and ingrown hairs. When the skin is injured from repeated rubbing and scraping with razor blades and then tries to heal,

it darkens from melanin production to heal the skin. 

Shaving can also cause razor bumps resulting from ingrown hairs that curl into one’s skin instead of away from it. Bacteria and inflammation inside those hair follicles trigger the body’s immune system,

resulting in darkened skin.

Who Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?


Ideal candidates for laser beard removal are those men with black or brown facial hair. This is because the laser light used to destroy the hair follicle roots is absorbed readily by dark-coloured pigmentation. If you’re a man who has naturally blond or light-coloured hair, you may still be a good candidate for laser hair removal if the facial hair grows darker, as is often the case.

Laser treatments are one of the best ways to remove pigmentation. The pigment will darken for 1-3 weeks following the treatment, then will begin to fade. Immediately following a laser session, you may experience redness, tenderness, and mild swelling.

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