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Manscaping. What is it?

laser hair removal for men

Traditionally, hair removal may have been considered more of a woman's domain.

But attitudes about hair removal for men have come a long way.

It's your body and your life. 

If you want to keep your hair in all its natural glory, go for it! If you see yourself as more of a smooth operator, Nina L’Allure Laser Hair Removal has you covered. 

There are several ways to keep body hair in check. No matter how much hair you have, manscaping is probably something you’ve thought about. These days, no part of the body is off limits.

Manscaping addresses body hair removal for men, and ranges from "take it all off" to "let it grow!" And somewhere in between all of that, you'll find varying degrees of maintenance, from trimming for a refined natural look to precision shaping for a more sculpted appearance. It's really a matter of personal preference. 

Removing body hair is a personal choice, and the reasons to remove body hair are as varied as the people making the choice. You may feel cleaner and more confident or want to enhance muscle definition if you work out regularly. Others simply prefer a smooth look or enjoy a heightened sensation when snuggling with that special someone. Sometimes it's a matter of style or taking care of wayward, overly assertive nose and ear hair.

men's laser hair removal all over

Hair removal also has a long-standing association with athletics. Many body builders, bikers, runners, swimmers and other athletes remove hair to show off hard-earned muscles, prevent chafing, reduce drag and more.

At Nina L’Allure we offer Manscaping, Men’s Laser Hair Removal, from head to toe. We  specialize in Men’s Brazilian & Bikini Services. 

Contact Nina for a consultation as every person and treatment is specific depending on the size and areas chosen.



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