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Academy of Laser Hair Removal 

Certificate Program in Laser Hair Removal Science and Skin Care

With this same knowledge and professionalism Nina has obtained in her 16 years of owning Advanced Skin Care and Laser Clinics/Academy successfully in London England, Midlands, and India, she is looking for professionals to train through the Academy of Laser Science and Skin Care across Canada.

For complete course information, please contact Nina at 647-904-7881

The manufacturers of the laser machine, as per Canadian Standards, have little clinical knowledge or experience in a real clinical environment or how to administer treatment to clients.

After approximately 60,000 treatments, Nina has decided it is time to help others with the knowledge and experience she has gained, understanding how difficult it can be when you do not receive the right guidance.

Academy of Learning

What are we looking for in a therapist/laser technician?

  • Honesty and good listening

  • Must respect medical, professional, and other complementary therapies

  • Never diagnose medical conditions

  • Ensure clients’ modesty is always respectful

Some of what will be covered in the course

  • The course will run 3 – 5 days Certification upon completion.


Introduction to Laser Hair Removal

  • Types of laser hair removal and how they work

  • The benefits and Do’s and don’ts of Laser

Introduction to Skin

  • Types and Anatomy of Skin

  • Stages, structure, and cycle of hair growth

  • Hair follicle

Treatment Protocol 

  • Fitzpatrick Scale

  • Pre-Treatment Assessments

  • Contra-Indications

  • Preparation before and after the treatment

  • How the treatment area should be performed

Risk Assessment 

  • Adverse incident

  • Client Declaration Card

  • After- Care Advice 

Man and Woman with Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Call Today for more information at 647-904-7881
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