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Virtual Skin Coaching

Need Expert Advice to Upkeep your
Skin at Home?

FREE 3 Months Membership

Membership will be $250.00 annually, including Monthly Consultation as an

Introductory Offer and FREE 3 months.

Get personalized skin care coaching from Nina Sharma of Nina L’Allure, a skin care therapist/educator/laser hair removal guru in the national and international beauty industry.

Nina offers 5-step Virtual Consultations and Personalized Skin Coaching

to help you map out your unique skin type.

  • Personalized skin coaching and skin guidance via online prescription pad with Nina Sharma, international skin care therapist and column writer for many national and international magazines and radio.

  • Complete guidance on the products you may be using or would like to use and information on the cosmetology of medical-grade products.


Location: Skype/your Computer/WhatsApp free 20-30-minute video consultation.

Your scheduled appointment is reserved for you.

A credit card number is required to secure all scheduled appointments.

Five Step Consultation

Step 1- What bothers you about your skin?

Nina’s skin prescription begins with a Q&A of your specific skin concerns, short-term objectives and long-term goals. A detailed, comprehensive communication will help get responses from concerned individuals that will give insight into their skin type, skin issues, and skin needs.

Step 2 – What do I see in your skin?

In a discussion of your skin issues and what we can see via Skype, Face Time or WhatsApp video call, we will be able to do a thorough skin analysis.

Step 3 – How do you take care of your skin?

Nina will be able to guide you on do’s and don’ts.

Step 4 – What is in your bathroom/bedroom cabinet?

Bring all your skin care products to the video appointment for an evaluation. Sometimes, clients don’t use the products in the correct order, and this is an opportunity for you to get professional guidance on how to use the products.

Step 5 – What is your Prescription Pad?

Nina will choose your skin type and provide a treatment plan to make sure your skin needs, issues and concerns are addressed. You will also receive guidance on cosmetology of the Medical Grade, Health Canada Approved, professional products.

Virtual Skin Coaching
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