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Facial Services

Serving Burlington and the GTA

Choose a facial service from our selection below.

Facial Services

AFA Peels

Provide potent antioxidant benefits and effective exfoliation gentle enough for all types of skin.

Green Peels

The Green Peel® is a 100% herbal peel created by Dr. med Christine Schrammek


Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion erases years from the appearance of your skin naturally without the use of invasive procedures.

Photo Facial Laser

For a dramatic improvement in your skin quality, discover IPL PhotoFacial technology at Nina L’Allure.


Contour your face with the subtle, natural lift with dermal fillers.

Blue U - Light Therapy

The BLU-U is a non-laser visible blue light device that targets the bacteria in the oil glands, eliminating a major player in the process of acne production.


This minimally invasive treatment done by a trained aesthetician, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon is virtually painless and incredibly effective.

Our Laser Skin Treatments are being booked and performed at our Sister Company, Laser Skin Pro.

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